Michael Van Lowe’s Passion

Christ The King Radio was founded out of a need to have a presence in the marketplace for an internet gospel radio station that provided inspirational talk with an ethnic flavor of Christian music and easy listening jazz.

Blind at birth, CTK Radio F418827_3472429617414_1727786501_nounder, Michael Van Lowe met that need with an ambition and passion for a style of Christian faith based programming not heard in recent times. But, now he needs your help.

A number of years ago Michael was given a procedure that extended his ability to see for a number of years; however, over time Michael’s sight continued to diminish, making his day-to-day functions more difficult. His need for assistance, updated and specialized equipment for the blind has created a financial burden that is now impeding with his ability to continue to grow and produce his much requested faith-based radio station programming.

Michael was first introduced to a home based opportunity that would feed his passion for the Gospel by a very dear friend. With a firm understanding to Michael’s limitations he suggested the idea to start an internet gospel radio station. Another close friend made a generous contribution to purchase the necessary radio broadcasting equipment; and the Christ The King Radio (CTK Radio) pilot program was launched in January 2003.

Through Michael’s passion and determination and with some vocational and rehabilitation training, Michael applied and was granted a 501(c) 3 non-profit certificate in December 29, 2008 to further his cause for Christian Gospel radio programming.11255215_700291206766817_5794661097675920998_n

Michael’s immediate needs are to meet his current expenses toward updated equipment for the blind, upgrade obsolete equipment, and expenses to update and modernize the CTK Radio website. Unfortunately, Michael has invested all that he can while living on a fixed income, and desperately needs your help to continue his passion and efforts by providing free services for those wanting to share their inspirational and spiritual teaching

The success of CTK Radio is supported by donations, gifts, sponsorships, volunteers, and members of the Christian community. Our community would be forever grateful for your contribution that will help provide the necessary funding to continue providing free radio production services at no charge to a cavalry of faith based ministries, lecturers, and authors.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, and may God Bless your generosity.

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